If you are a traveler that is looking forexceptional accommodation, then you will love these viral ideas for unique accommodation:

  • Undersea Lodge:

Itis named after theintrepid aqua explorer. It was started in the 1970s as a research lab in Puerto Rico. The place was later converted into a guest room. It is under 21 feet below the sea. Guests can book this location for their use. You can also get underwater pizza and enjoy underwater sea life in that lodge. A shell that sits a few feet above the floor, the lodge has just two smallguest bedrooms. The rooms are also fitted out with TVs, VCRs, phones, cold and hot showers, plus a fully equipped kitchen that will let you cook delicious food and a standard room. All of these are very ordinary except that you are 21 feet below the sea. These rooms are underwater and are fascinating.

  • Ljubljana’s hostel Celica:

Fancy being banged up for the night? Well, be Celica’s guest at their locations. The accommodation has remains of born from the gutted remains of a former military prison, Ljubljana’s Hostel Celica (means cells) possesses a dozen or sotraditional dorms.It is thetwenty-twobedroomsor more preciselylockups that make it so unique.

The authorities hired differentdesigners to design these. Theywere given to come up with themes for each of these. It resulted in a series of funky and brilliantly original sleeping spaces. One room features a circular bunk bed, and in another, a bunk is suspended high above the door. The hotel stands at the heart of a complex of buildings initially commissioned for the Austro-Hungarian army and which later served as the camps of the former Yugoslav People’s Army.

Despite repeated attempts bylocal authorities to demolish the site, the community has stood firmly for it. And it is still available for accommodation. You will experience a different kind of life in this location.

  • Jjimjilbangs, South Korea:

This place is thecheapest place to spend a night in this country. It is almost open for 24 hours a day. You will receive nightclothes after giving charges in the form of cash at the reception. The rooms will have everything from TV, VCR to air conditioners. You will enjoy the night at this place.

These were the unique locations which you can visit in the world. You can check more sites and book them if you want. If you love unique places like mentioned above, then you can book them for your next vacations.