In thetourism industry, there are different kinds of accommodation that visitors need to know. There are 52types of lodgingin thetourismsector but here are variouskinds of accommodation that you should be aware:

  • Hotel:

Hotels are generally for visitors with major services for guests and other amenities. The services depend on the money that you give. The hotels are categorizedon the basis of stars. Hotels are available from 4 to 5 stars and tourists can avail their services.

  • Hostel:

Hostels are for those who travel on abudget. If you are a backpacker, then you can book an inexpensive hostel, and it is usually available with shared beds and other facilities.

  • Motel:

The motel is a kind of accommodation which is designed for those who travel from one place to another on motorcycles. These accommodations are usually roadside hotels which are equipped with limited amenities and parking for motors.

  • Chalet:

These are wooden alpines which are styled buildings and are commonly found near mountains and in the form of resorts.

  • Cottage:

The cottage is a term that is used in thetourism industry for those houses that are small in size and are located in rural or less modern areas. These vacation spots are small in size and can be booked for one or more than one person.

  • Mansion:

Mansions are for those who can afford luxury houses and rooms. These are large and are generally follow historical architecture in their design.

  • Villa:

Villas are also for those who can afford luxury rooms and are ready to pay for expensive accommodation. The concept of thevilla was originated from Roman times and are very popular in different countries.

  • Treehouse:

You might have heard of treehouses in your childhood. Yes, these are the same treehouses but usually designed for recreational purposes. It is made from atree or placed on the branches of the tree. Tourists can book these treehouses and stay there until they want.

  • Apartment:

Apartments are like a self-contained accommodation. It is located in a large building where different rooms are available for others. These housing units are popular among tourists because they can stay as long as they want in there.

These were the housing types that you will find in thetourism industry. You can choose whatever you need. It all depends on your choice. There are more than 52 kinds of accommodation from which you can select according to your needs.